Tuesday, July 12, 2011

'Nam Traffic Jam

       The traffic is horrendous.  Not only is there a lot of it, but a "no rules" attitude prevails.  Lanes are nonexistent.  Medians are fair game.  Ditto the sidewalk.  There are about 10 motorbikes to each car and they go in, out, up, down, and over at will.  Red lights seem to be a mere suggestion - one that is often ignored.  Crossing the road as a pedestrian is like an "E-ticket" ride.  The advice we were given (which actually works!)  is to just step out in the road (there will NEVER be a break in traffic) and walk slowly and steadily across and the motorbikes and cars will hopefully go around you.  As we were told: "Whatever you do DO NOT RUN!" - because this will make it harder for the motor vehicles to maneuver around you.

      The biggest kick about the traffic is seeing what the Vietnamese people will try to fit on a motorbike.  Families of four, pigs, chickens, plate glass windows - all are a common sight on motorbikes across the country.  The people are wearing masks because the diesel and leaded gas fumes are so noxious.  I wish I had a mask!
Traffic goes any which way... no lanes

Just barely had time to snap this guy carrying metal poles under his arm as he drove his motorbike down the street

From the front window of the bus

Family of four on motorbike - as is common, Mom and Dad are wearing helmets but the two kids are not

At least if she wrecks she'll have a lot of padding!

Since EVERYBODY rides a motorbike it's common to see girls dressed up and wearing high heeled shoes revving it up down the road

I've seen a lot of bicycles loaded down even more than this one, but it's hard to get the photo when they're whizzing by you so fast!  This one was walking so I was able to snap the picture.

Are you kidding me?

This is beyond crazy

This guy and his kid were riding the motorbike through in indoor market!

There's a bicycle underneath all that

Easy rider - they start early!